“Malesh”, says Sister Rosa


Dear all you that are smiling for South Sudan,
Finally today, Sunday, I can sit down and send at least a couple of lines, not just for thanking but also as a joyful applause from every one of us here at Bakhita Centre at Tonj.

The arrival of the container, despite the long wait, was a surprise, because we lost our hopes for it. In fact the volunteer electrician that was in Tonj for three months had to go back without doing the job he planned to do…Malesh! But one evening, the news: The container is at Tonj! We picked it up the morning after to prevent the usual request for tip at the last police block! So, everything was ok… We started our job to unveil the gifts, the so many presents that renovated our hope thanks to the generosity of Sorriso. Nothing got lost, nothing got broken.

THANK YOU is a word that mainly goes to Mr Luigi Gornati and all his collaborators. THANK YOU to those who contributed to the supply of everything even the smallest. And of course to all that committed in Casorezzo to load everything with a love that can be recorded only in the Labour Bank of our Good Lord.

High interest rates! Sorriso per il Sudan, you that have impressed in yourself the face of so many people, what can we tell you from Tonj? We love you! And many of us, children and adults, are starting to benefit from your generosity.

Now the container is empty, it’s here, I have to make it nice and write your colorful testimony on it… And you are invited to come and see it. With gratitude and affection, please receive my invitation to come and visit us, in the name of everyone of us.

Sr. Rosa da Tonj